[Interview] - Stardust !

04 septembre 2017

Interview découverte de la semaine. Stardust un groupe Hongrois qui a sortie un EP "Shine". Mickey Summers nous fait découvrir le groupe, la musique et les ambitions de cette jeune formation.

Stardust se compose de :

Mickey Summers - Lead vocals
Tommy Geller - Guitars, vocals
Bence Marton - Bass , vocals
Tim Keeley - Drums 
Kenny Legrand - Keyboards

1.Can you introduce the band ? 

I formed the band in early 2015, after releasing my first solo album and taking a short break my from musical career.I wanted to play the music that I really like - AOR rock with beautiful melodies, harmonies, soul warming guitar lines etc So I started to find my mates whose musical roots and style are the same as mine.

I also like to play with great players, so when it came to my mind that “Hey! - there is Tommy Geller, who I knew from an a Def Leppard tribute band… he is absolutely an 80’s guy”… so I called him.

Tommy was in the band called Avatar, and he liked my idea so he said OK. Later we figured out we have exactly the same musical taste and it is funny that sometimes we sing the same melodies to a chord line.

Tim was my business mate that time, and my partner in music so he was immediately drafted into this band.

Kenny Legrand has come from a Hungarian progressive band called “Nemesis” - he is great player with great feel of music.

Bence is the bass player and the newest member of the band. He’s a big musical talent and great player and a nice guy too.

2. What are your ambitions for the Band ?

First of all we want to complete Stardust’s first album, now we are getting closer to the recordings and after relasing that we would like to play in festivals in Europe next year.

This is our biggest ambition.

3. How do you compose your songs ?

Generally, I write with an acoustic guitar or a keyboard… but I never know from where a melody or a riff will come. I find it very hard to write in an organised way - so my phone is always in hand to sing a line or melody. Our song Shine’s main riff came to this way.. I was driving from A to B and the riff came to my mind and I recorded it to my iphone.

When an idea freshly comes I’m gonna record it at that moment and If I,ve got the melody I quickly pick my guitar up and try to figure out the chord line to the melody.

After that I put a groove on it when it gets formed, I try to sing something and so on. I work on Pro tools and I've got a pro home studio where the band can play or do rehearsals in separated studio situations, and we can polish the song at the end. That is a great thing to finalise our songs to the end also. 

4. Have the words of yours songs a bigger importance than music ?

No, I think in this style of music, the meaning of the lyrics is not so important. The point is to catch the feeling of the song. Usually we sing about love, the state of a relationship, break ups or
getting back together, sometimes we tell a story of a love situation. Generally, we paint a background for the song. 

5.What looks like a concert of your group ?

We play with enthusiasm, spirit, and power.. no matter if we’re in a stadium or a small club. We play for ourselves and act like ’we are the heroes of the night’ haha.. So we like what we do. We like
nice clothes and also like to make the choreography of the show, not simply play and walk along.

6. What doest the future look like for you ?

I think everything goes on the right way, the songs are strong, and fortunately two world class songwriters have joined us to help with co-writing. Mark Spiro, who gave three beautiful songs,
and Tommy Denander who is an amazing guitar player and composer gave one song. We relased the debut “Shine” Ep which was mixed by the legendary Michael Wagener and it is succesful all over
Europe and luckily also in the U.S.

7. What are your influences ?

I like all kinds of music in general, so it is a damn hard question..haha! I like Megadeth to Al Jarreau on a wide spectrum, but if we are talking about AOR music, I like Journey, Starship, Winger, Damn Yankees, Toto.. the list is endless. My biggest singer influences are from: David Coverdale, Steve Perry, Joe Lynn Turner, Steven Tyler,Eric Martin, David Lee Roth.. and I think the rest of the band
members like these groups too!

8. Have you some words for the listeners of vinylestimes ?

First of all, I’ve never been to France, so I would be very happy to play in your country soon, and to all dear Vinylestimes listeners you are in the right place, because this is the radio where you can hear great music and you can hear Stardust from now on too.

Thank you, Best Regards, Mickey Summers.

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