Leaflet - Chain Reaction

05 mars 2017

Leaflet qui vient de sortir son album "Outta Door".

Cette semaine vous pourrez écouter le morceau "Chain Reaction" à découvrir cette semaine à 9 heures.




Les membres su groupe sont :

Jaakko Lehtinen: Vocals, Guitar
Antti Kallio: Guitar
Fabian Korsström: Bass
Timo Palokankare: Drums

Finnish modern hard rockers Leaflet released their brilliant debut album 'Outta Door' last Friday. With a sovereign work full of catchy riffs and melodies they flash their bottoms to gratuitous retroism!

Aged for 4 years in Finnish metal scene Leaflet delivers some reckless, cold-blooded modern hard rock with their surprisingly mature debut album. We meet a band ready and willing with huge professionalism. A band that won't stay in the shadows of the good old days but a bunch of metalheads with their own fresh style in rocking out. Sound production operating between metal and rock is nailed by a Finnish heavy music profiled V.R. Studio and Svante Forsbäck of Chartmakers.

Leaflet has been making music and touring in Finland since 2013. The singer/band leader Jaakko Leaflet (known from Pressure Points and Blind Stare) has a presence and a voice for the real big audiences.

Comment from the band:
'Leaflet hits the new wave of Finnish rock music like a tsunami. The band delivers their debut album full of shameless modern hard rock with no room for retro.'

Leaflet - Outta Door

Music and lyrics: Jaakko Lehtinen
Production and arrangements: Leaflet
Production, recording and mixing: Jussi Vuola, V.R. Studio
Mastering: Svante Forsbäck, Chartmakers
Catalog nr: VRDIG110 / VRCD026
ISRC: FIV2U1700033-43
Distribution: Playground Music Scandinavia.

Record Label:
V.R. Label Finland
Jussi Vuola
+358 50 339 1830