MIDNITE CITY - Summer Of Our Lives (Official Video)

25 octobre 2017 - 1026 vues

Promotional video clip from MIDNITE CITY for the album "Midnite City". "Midnite City" is released on October 20th, 2017 via AOR HEAVEN.

MIDNITE CITY - Summer Of Our Lives (Official Video)

Track list: 1. We Belong, 2. Ghost Of My Old Friends, 3. Summer Of Our Lives, 4. Nothing’s Like Losing You, 5. Last Beat Of My Heart, 6. Everything You Meant To Me, 7. Can’t Wait For The Nights, 8. One Step Away, 9. I Just Can’t Take It, 10. Things She Said, 11. Think About You


Rob Wylde - Lead Vocals & Guitar

Pete Newdeck - Drums & Backing Vocals

Miles Meakin - Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals

Shawn Charvette - Keyboards & Backing Vocals

Josh 'Tabbie' Williams - Bass & Backing Vocals